Thursday, November 24, 2016

What -- me run for Section Manager agan?

Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 24, 2016 -- I'm due to check in on a CW net on 80 shortly, provided my belly full of turkey doesn't get in the way (or the tryptophan doesn't lull me to sleep).

My self-imposed deadline rapidly approaches ... which prompts you to say to your self, "Self, what the hell is this OM talking about?" Pull up a chair while I grab a couple of 807s from the icebox, Bunky, lets talk.

It goes back nearly two decades ... I was a [more] youthful and active ham at the time, and wanted to get involved in our national organization, the ARRL. I had been a member for years in order to support the its activities and its defense of our bands and frequencies -- despite the stupid things the League has done over the years (can you say "incentive licensing," neighbor?).

My volunteerism with Dah League began with with a low-level position in my state Section Manager's cabinet. I eventually moved up to other cabinet positions. Then as my SM "boss" was completing his third two-year term, he told me he was not seeking a fourth term. It was just as well.

His personal life had spilled over into his Amateur Radio life to the point where everytime he spoke about the League and the hobby, it was going to Hell in a handbasket. Changes to the code requirement spelled the death knell for the hobby, he said. Every hamfest forum message seemed to preach the same message: "Abandon all hope ye who value Amateur Radio, the End is near."

At some point in his final year, I had all the negative shit about Amateur Radio that I could take; I decided to throw my hat in the ring for Section Manager.

My decade of experience as SM is what exactly this blog is about. Every two years when the filing deadline nears, I find myself entertaining the thought of throwing my hat in the ring for another term as SM. After I dislodge the iron skillet my wife clangs up side my head at the mention of serving as SM again, I carefully rethink those thoughts, given my wife's skill with said cast iron implements, hi!

I have to run but will return. Keep that 807 handy OM, its gonna be an interesting ride.


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